League Details

Dodgeball….. Yes that game you used to play back in elementary school….is one of our most popular sports! This grade-school sport is just as fun as you remember. Whether you’re trying to blow off some steam, get some exercise, or want meet new people and have a great time, this sport is for everyone!

Teams consist of 6 players with up to 10 people on your team roster. Hit an opposing player with a ball and they’re out. Catch a ball thrown by your opponent and they’re out, plus a player from your team gets to come back in the game! It’s simple but unbelievably fun.

The Game

  • Games begin with 6 players on the court for each team, at least 2 of which must be women.
  • Teams may have up to 10 players on their team roster.
  • Teams will line up on opposite ends of the dodgeball court until the referee begins the game, at which point players will sprint towards the center line to retrieve available dodgeballs.
  • The object of the game is to peg and eliminate all players from the opposing team.

A player is out

  • When they are hit by a live ball below the neck. A live ball is any ball that is thrown by an opposing player who is in bounds that crosses the center line in the air and does not hit the wall, ceiling, or floor.
  • A player on the opposing team catches a live ball. Then the player who threw the ball is out. Deflections off of anything besides a person in play do NOT count.
  • They throw a headshot, defined as any ball that hits an opposing player above the neck.
  • When an opposing player deflects a live ball with another ball in their possesion and the deflected ball is caught by a teamate before it hits the ground, wall, or ceiling. The player who threw the ball is out.
  • When a player attempts to deflect a live ball with another ball and losses possesion of that ball.
  • If they cross the center line at any point in the match.
  • If their team has too may players on the court. One player penalty.
  • Teams will play at least 2 other teams per night (20 min each).
  • Referees will ensure smooth and fair operation of each match.