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Your game will be refereed by 2-4 Officials. Comeback Officials must complete comprehensive classroom and on the field training. Head “White Hat” Officials typically have 5-15 years of Flag Football Referee Experience. Put simply, you are not going to find friendlier, more experienced referees anywhere in the state, it’s our guarantee!

Field Size/ Equipment

Men’s & COED Non Contact Leagues are played on 67 x 40 yard field with Multiple Games being played at Once. Scope out the competition and enjoy great game day atmosphere! Men’s 8 on 8/ 9 on 9  Blocking Allowed Leagues are played on soccer & full sizes  High School Football Fields!

Game Time/ Format

Game Time/ Format

Comeback Games are played with 2-Twenty-Two Minute Halves. The clock is running in the 1st Half and stops for the 2 Minute Warning and thereafter in the 2nd Half. Men’s 7 on 7 Leagues are played with 7 players on the field. Coed Leagues are Played with 8 Players on the Field (3 of which need to be female). Men’s- Blocking Allowed Leagues also played in 8 on 8 & 9 on 9 Formats.

League Rules

The Basics

  • Men’s League (7 on 7) Co-Ed (5 on 5)  Players (2 Female 3 Men)
  • Team Jerseys- Light vs. Dark (Teams will be designated light or dark for each game)
  • Flag belts provided by Comeback
  • Teams will play two 22 minute halves, with a running clock for the first half of play.
  • Ball must be snapped back to QB to start play. Sideways/ Shotgun snap recommended (unless you have a affinity for bending over on all fours)
  • Rushing the QB-Each play will have a 5 count rush count (for non contact 7v7 and Coed 5v5) before a defender is allowed to cross the line of scrimmage.

Field Dimensions

  • 7v7 Men’s: Length of High School Regulation Field Played Across. 67 x 35 yards. (Hamburger ways)
  • 5v5 Coed Field Length: 67 x 25 yards.
  • 8v8 Men’s: Full Field
  • First Down: cones spaced 10 yards. Must pass 2 cones for a 1st down.


  • 6 point touchdowns. Chance to go for 1 or 2 point conversion.
  • Going for 1: 3 yards from goal line. Going for two: 5 yards from goal line/ Bottom of numbers.
  • Interceptions on any point after Touchdown try can be returned for 2 points.

Common Penalties / Flag Football Specific

  • Contact Related- No Blocking at line of scrimmage or down-field is allowed. Blocking/” Bump & Run” Coverage IS Allowed in our Premier-Blocking Allowed Leagues.
  • Pass Interference- There is no such thing as an uncatchable ball, contact by offense or defense while ball is in the air is considered P.I. (with the exception of incidental contact).

Comeback Flag Rules Differ From Common Football Norms

  • 1 foot = Inbounds Only 1 foot is needed inbounds with a controlled catch.
  • Illegal Contact- Offensive / Defensive. A player cannot create contact with opposing player. *
  • First Downs: Must cross two cones from where the ball is spotted with exception of being within 1 cone of the end zone.
  • Fumbles cannot be advanced. Once the ball hits the ground it is considered a dead ball.

Coed Specific Rules

A female player must be involved in every third play. Female Play is defined as:

  • Any play where the ball is touched by a woman, with the exception of a spiked ball or a play in which female does not make a reasonable attempt to advance the ball.

Full Rulebooks & “Quick & Sweet Player Summary ” will be provided at time of registration!