Field Locations

Comeback Sports prides itself in playing Kickball in great venues within the city and on the Eastside! We take into consideration location, atmosphere, proximity to the post-game bar experience, and easy access when putting together a list of great choices for Kickball Greatness! Do you have a team that wants to play a little closer to home? Let us know! We’ve been known work miracles.

Seattle-Woodland Park

Seattle-Loyal Heights


Field Address

Seattle-Woodland Park

1000 N 50th St North 50th Street Seattle, Washington 98103. Located right across the street from Green Lake-9 hole golf course. Ample parking is provided in the adjacent parking lot. Enjoy a game on the pitch and then a day at the Lake.

Redmond-Hartman Park

1810 Northwest 65th Street, Seattle, WA . Field is located in the back of school. Street Parking is available on either side of the field.