League Payment

Team Stuff

Comeback will provide team shirts for up to the roster limit. We understand that someone might need an extra shirt. We know that you probably want a different shirt to wear each day of the week! But seriously, Comeback will provide extra team shirts for $6/ shirt!

Great Question! Returning teams for Kickball, Softball, Dodgeball , and Softball all receive team shirts in their registration. To keep registration fees low Comeback does not provide team shirts for returning teams in Soccer and Flag Football.

We pride ourselves in putting on the most awesome events around. Comeback Sports hosts The Northwest Coed Classic-Coed Soccer Tournament each Summer. The event features a beer garden, festival zone, live-music, and oh yea a soccer tournament! Comeback Sports is proud to present the Annual Kickball Showdown , Year End Comeback Bowl Flag Football Championship and as always a Championship Tournament to culminate each and every one of our leagues!

All Comeback Leagues are first come, first serve. Most of our sports will feature a live league availability counter that shows you how many team spots are still available. We suggest that you get registered as soon as humanly possible to get your preferred playing time and not miss out on the action. Leagues will fill up very quickly during our more poular Spring and Fall Seasons!

Team Payment

Any individual that cancels their participation in a Comeback league after playing in a league game will not be refunded their individual fee. The individual may have their registration applied to a future league, but no refund will be given.

Any team that plays a league game will be responsible for the balance of the league fee. No refund will be given. Team cancellations hurt the league and the other teams in it immensely. We will work with your team to apply your team registration to a future league, but cancellation will not render a refund.

A team that has confirmed their spot in our league may cancel their participation for a full refund as long as they notify the Comeback Team at least 7 business days prior to the start of their league. If a team cancels less than 7 business days prior to the start their league, the Captain will forego the $50 deposit. If a team fails to attend the first game of the season without giving prior notice this is viewed as a cancellation and that team is subject to a $100 cancellation fee. Full Refund: Less (5%) credit card processing fee.

Check Out Our Payment Simplified Page! A $50 deposit confirms your team’s spot in a Comeback League. We know it takes some time to collect money from your players, so we give team captains until their 2nd week of play to make the remainder of league payment. You can easily drop off a check with a Comeback Referee or Field Supervisor prior to your Week 2 game. We can also charge the card you made the Team Deposit with for the balance prior to the Week 2 game.

No. Sorry but we must receive team payment in the form of check or credit card. Check Out Our “Payment Simplified Page”!

Individual Registration

Comeback provides team shirts with your individual registration for all sports! Simply include your adult shirt size in the online registration and we will get you looking good for gameday... Shirts are given out on the Comeback Famous Pre-Season night and also out at Week 1 of League Play.

No problem! For each league experience we have other groups that are in the same situation as you and can easily fill out a complete team.We can definitely place you on the same team as a friend or group of friends. In your registration form there is a spot for you to name 'players to be teamed with'. Simply  make sure to include the names of the players you would like to be placed on the same team as in your registration and have your friends all sign up as individuals! If you have any other questions just send us an email at: [email protected]

Indy’s make their league registration payment at the time they sign up. No hidden ref fees or extra charges for anything during the season. We make it simple: team shirts, fields, refs, and the endless list of good things are all included in your one time registration. Check Out Our “Payment Simplified Page”!

Individual signups are notified at least one week prior to the league kickoff (depending on team placement we will normally let you know 2 weeks prior). You will be notified via email with all your team’s information! Get Ready for Comeback Pre-Season Night: Most leagues feature a pre-season night at the local sponsor bar where team shirts are distributed and you get a glimpse of what being a part of Comeback Sports is all about! Indy signups meet their new squad and teams get friendly trash talking under way! Free Appetizers, 2 for 1 Pitchers of Beer! Oh yes we did!

The Comeback Team prides itself in putting together awesome teams formed with individual signups. We take into account your desired skill level and the coed nature of our leagues to put together sweet teams! We have never had to turn away an individual signup, and have always been able to find a spot for Indy Signups on a team! Due to the large influx of Indy Signups we are able to put together full Indy Teams!