Why Play Comeback Flag Football?

Our Officials are extensively trained and have 5-25 Years of Flag Football Referee Experience. That’s right we have a referee that has reffed Flag Football for 26 years. We won’t simply throw a referee out on your field like other leagues. Many officials at one time played in the league and are invested in bringing you the best experience possible.

Our Format is better than the competition. Simply Put. We offer a format that you will love. You have a choice:

7 on 7 Screening Allowed . This is a High Scoring- Non-Contact League but you are able to screen down field. Leagues are SAFE, but we let you play football and our officials are trained to throw flags based on realistic penalties. A great place for new teams to get started on their journey to the Comeback Bowl Championship!

5 on 5 Coed - This is Non-Contact league built on fun. Multiple games will be going on at a time and get ready for the sponsor bar post game. Grab a group of guys and gals and get out for high scoring, SAFE, and fun flag football action. All beginner or “never played before” skill levels are accommodated.

7 on 7 Blocking allowed. This has become one of our most popular leagues. This league was designed to involve both the ‘bigger boys’ in at the line blocking. Players may use their hands to block at the line of scrimmage and down field. Our league rules keep this format very SAFE and high scoring.

8 on 8 Full Field . Now we are getting closer to real football with full field dimensions and blocking allowed. We have the largest 8 on 8 Flag Football League with teams playing from Bothell through Seattle and on South to Tacoma. This is a more competitive format only recommended for experienced teams.

9 on 9 Full Field. The closet thing that you will get to real football. Stiff arms, special teams, and kicked extra points are included. This league is invite only and please contact the Comeback Team about registering a team for this format: [email protected]

Video Highlights. That’s right we put together awesome weekly highlight and Top 10 Videos of you tearing it up on the field! We are not “Sports Multinational Inc.” and actually care about your experience. That’s why we take the time to shoot the footage, edit the film, publish photos, and provide you the big time experience you signed up for!

But Don’t Take Our Word For It. See Our Winter 7 on 7 League in Action: